Hearing Aid Fitting & Programming

We offer straightforward, honest advice to help you find the hearing solution that’s right for you. We will discuss the pros and cons of all the options that are suitable for your hearing loss, including the style of hearing aid, cost, and the technology level required to help to hear your best.

After your hearing evaluation, you and your hearing care professional will select a hearing aid that is suitable for your hearing needs. The appointment should take approximately an hour to ensure the hearing aid fits and works properly.

Your new hearing aids will be custom programmed to match your unique hearing loss from your hearing evaluation. Your customized programmed hearing aids will allow you to acclimate at a gradual pace, giving your brain time to adjust to the sounds you’ve been missing. 

Patients new to hearing aids, or who have had untreated hearing loss for a long period of time, typically need to “learn to listen again.” Our step-by-step program will help you walk through this process with great success.

Understanding Your Hearing Aids

When you put the hearing aids in for the first time, you may have different emotions about the sounds you hear. This is normal and to be expected. The goal of the hearing aid is to make everyday sounds audible and comfortable, but the sound you hear should be clear and pleasant. Small changes can be made to the hearing aids at your first fitting if there are things that you feel should be adjusted right away. The hearing care professional should do additional testing to make sure that the hearing aids are giving you enough sound where you need it. Additionally, remember to ask any questions or discuss any concerns you may have with your hearing care professional.

Follow Ups

Once your hearing aids are programmed for optimal hearing and verified through Real Ear Measures (also called “verifit”), then your hearing care professional will see you every six months for preventative maintenance of your hearing instruments. Annually, we will retest your hearing and if your hearing has changed, we will reprogram the hearing aids accordingly. This way you can be assured your hearing aids will give you optimal performance for your hearing needs.

Programming and Adjusting Your Hearing Devices

Programming your hearing aid offers numerous advantages:

  • Your hearing provider can adjust your devices until you are satisfied with the hearing clarity
  • Your hearing care provider can easily make adjustments if your hearing level changes without relying on others

When programming your hearing aid, over-amplification (gain) is the main concern. Exposure to loud noises over a long period of time can cause further damage to hearing. It’s best to use the lowest possible gain to protect yourself from possible hearing damage whenever you’re in a new environment.

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