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Manna Audiology Makes
Listening Easier

Hearing Tests

Hearing testing is completely painless and only takes less than an hour. Why live with hearing loss when you can schedule a hearing test with Manna Audiology Hearing Center today?

Diagnostic audiologic evaluation

Our four-step audiologic evaluation process is designed to give you the best hearing evaluation possible. We take the time to conduct an interview, including a review of your medical history and discuss situations where you feel you don’t hear well. Then an examination of your ears will reveal if hardened earwax or problems with the structure of your ear are the root cause of your hearing loss.

To determine the sounds you can hear and identify the ones you miss, we conduct tests such as:

  • Audiometric pure-tone evaluation to measure your hearing at different frequencies.
  • Speech evaluation to determine your ability to hear and understand ordinary conversation at different volumes.
  • Immittance middle-ear evaluation to measure how your eardrums and hearing react to different degrees of air pressure.

If tests indicate you have hearing loss, we’ll discuss options such as hearing aids, assistive living devices or implants to help you live a fuller life with hearing loss. 

Industrial hearing screenings

Long-term exposure to loud noise results in permanent hearing loss. Where workers may be exposed to loud noise on the job site, this type of hearing loss is completely preventable. 

By properly using the right hearing protection devices from the start, ears are sheltered from damaging decibels. Regular hearing testing is crucial to detect hearing loss as soon as it occurs.

Whether you work in a factory, on a construction site, in a mill or a nightclub, your exposure to noise is a real threat. 

Hearing aid evaluation process

The hearing aid evaluation process starts with the audiologic exam. If our unique, four-step process indicates that you have hearing loss, hearing aids may be appropriate. The amplification provided by hearing aids is the most common treatment for hearing loss. Properly programmed and fitted hearing aids improve your ability to hear and communicate. Once you have adjusted to wearing hearing aids, hearing shouldn’t require additional effort. 

Because digital hearing aids come in so many styles and models, Manna Audiology Hearing Center matches your hearing needs with your lifestyle, budget and cosmetic concerns to recommend the perfect hearing aid for you.  

Then we take the time to make sure your new devices fit comfortably and are programmed for the way you want to hear. Experiencing sound is highly personal, and no two people hear the same sounds the same way. By customizing your hearing experience, you get the rich sound you want delivered the way you want to hear it.